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Han, Myung- Hee is a professional performer who worked partly as a lecturer, a dramatherapist and a translator in Korea. Having finished Dramatherpy training as well as performance training in U.K., she has been working as a dramatherapist as well as a performer in U.K. and Europe.

  1. Personal detail 
First Name: Myung Hee Last Name: Han
Nationality: Korean
Day of Birth: 07,08,65
Mobile: 07810197669
e-mail: myungland@yahoo.com
current Add.: 7 holmburyview, London E5 9EG U.K.

  2. Education
2-1. Academic Study:
MA Theatre Practice, The Central School of Speech and Drama, 2002- 2003 (U.K.)
Dramatherapy, Postgraduate Diploma at Hertfordshire University, 2001-2002 (U.K.)
Drama, MA, Chung Ang University majored in 1994 (Korea) specialized in Dramatherapy
-'A Study of Dramatherapeutic Aspects in the korean shamanic Ritual'
Philosophy, BA, University Wurzburg majored in,1987 (Germany)
German Education and Philosophy, BA, Hankuk University of Foreign Study majored in 1989 (Korea)

2-2. Qualification:
Dramatherapist: Badtha (British Association of Dramatherapist) HPC (Health Professional Council) registered in U.K.
License for secondary education (teaching at high school)
Certificate for Korean Marshal art, teaching experience
Teaching Acting related subjects such as voice, physical training e.t.c. at universities

2-3. Additional skills: acting, singing, dancing, playing piano, photography, German, Korean

2-4. Training related with Theatre:
Jacque Lecoque Training at the School of Physical Theatre in London, full time, 09. 2003- 06 2004
Pansori ( Korean traditional fork opera) training since 1994 - used in many performance.
Subyukchiki ( Korean traditional Marshal art ) training since 1991 - teaching qualification and experience
Samulnori ( Korean traditional Drum play performance) training since 1993 - had more than 50
performances of this art form.
Kokdukkakshi Norum ( Korean traditional Puppet play) training since 1997 - had more than 20
performances and teaching experiences.
Korean traditional dance, Ballet for a few years intensive, mime and Jazz dance, acrobatics for a short period.
Classical signing for 1 year intensive.
Playing piano for 5 years : classic and jazz improvisation.

2-5. Workshop attended:
Song of the goat Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland, July, 2005
Laban summer school, July, 2004, London
Etienne Decroux Wrokshop for two weeks in July 2003 , London
Jacque Lecock Work shop with Professor Dowan Lim for 2 Months intensive 20 hours a week, 1999, Seoul.
Stanislavsky system- Etude Work shop through out the year 1998 in Michoo Theatre Company.
Cicely Berry Voice workshop with Cicely Berry for a week intensive 7 hours a day, 1999, Seoul
Open theatre workshop with Migan Terry, 1995, Seoul
Workshop with Oldg Kisselov in ' Internationales Forum junger Buhnenangehoriger, in Berlin 1994.
'Tanztheater' Workshop for a month in HDK, Berlin, 1987
Among others.

2-6. Language: Korean, English, German

  3. Theatre Work Experience

3-1. Acting - Professional
A Member of 'Michoo ' Theatre Company
A Member of Korean Actor's Association
A Student member of Equity (U.K.)

Plays acted in-

Object Theatre Live Art ‘A dream of Butterfly’, Brave Festival, Wroclaw, Poland, 07, 06

[Perform of Therapy]


Malta International Theatre Festival, Poznan, Poland, 07,06

South Hill Park Art Centre, Fresh Festival, 07,06 (Artist In Residence)

Dance Theatre In Transit, Imago Mundi, London Oxford House. 04.2006

Object Theatre Live Art, A dream of Butterfly, East @ WEst Festival, Slough, January 2006

Contemporary Dance Theatre 'Early One Morning as the Sunset'. Oxfordhouse, London 12.2005

contemporary dance, one morning in the sunset, Zephyr in Zanussi, Oxford house, London 12.2005

'Cameo' , in Chelsea theatre, 04,2005

Fresh festival in Braknell, May, 2005, Spice Festival in London, July 2005.

Ritual performance , Tradewell Gallery, Aigen, Austria, June 2005

Contemporary dance 'cameo', playing a role of Korean shaman with shamanic ritual,
'Dance Resolution', Place, 19,01,2005

Object Theatre 'Migrant Overture' , Sleeping Dogs, BAC, Mime Festival, 28-30, 01,05

Cabaret show 'Hotel from hell', Austria, Linz, 10, 2004.

Object Theatre 'Migrant Overture', Brighton vision festival, 10,2004

'Nose,Nose, Nose, Mouth', Edinburgh Fringe, 8,2003

Puppet Theatre 'Kokkdukakkshi Norum' , Autumn Festival, Paris/ Bordeaux, 11,2002


Visual Theatre 'Yi Sang counts thirteen', directed by Lee Breuer, role of Green,10.2000

(Invited for Seoul International Theatre Festival)

'Landscape' by Harold Pinter, directed by Dong Hyun Kim, role of Beth, 12,99

An Object Theatre 'It is small that is distancing from me',directed by Young Ran Lee,role of I, 09.99

A Children Theatre 'Nolbo meets Dokebi' directed by In Hyun Song, role of Narrator
and Musician.10 99-12 99 (Grand Price for Seoul Children's Theatre Festival)

An Image Theatre 'The, Fire' directed by Jin Check Shon, role of the ghost 06.99

A Ritual Theatre 'Choice' directed by Ilwoo Kim, role of the shamans daughter, 12.99

'The Broken Krug' by Heinlich von Kleist directed by WonKeun Park, role of Brigitte, 12.98

'Reader' by Ariel Dorffmann directed by sang Hyun Park, role of Irene, 05.98

'John Gabriel Borkmann' by Ibsen, directed by Kim Young Hwan, role of the Lady Borkmann, 12.97

'The Toenail of the General Oh' directed by Jin Check Shon, role of the Mother 09.97

'Shou Shou once upon a time' directed by Manuel Ludgenhorst, role of the wife, 06-07,96

A Monodrama 'Since the flowersnake wanted to wind my leg...' directed by Kwang Bo Kim, 04-04,96
(Nominated as one of the best actress of the season)

'The Path' directed by Man Hong Kim, role of an adult, 05.95

'Oleanna' by David Mamet, directed by Chae Chue Lyu, role of Carol, 01-02, 94

'The Heaven of Namshadang' directed by Jin Check Shon, role of Chilbok , 06-12,93
awarded as the best theatre Production of that year. (Grand Prize for Seoul Theatre Festival,
had performance trip in Korea and china)

'Shanbul' directed by Cheol Lee Kim , role of Lady Yang, 05.93

Apart from above plays there are around 20 more plays I played in.
Some of them as musician as well as dancer and singer.

3-2. Directing

Object Theatre Live Art ‘A dream of Butterfly’, Brave Festival, Wroclaw, Polan! d, 07, 06

Malta International Theatre Festival, Poznan, Poland, 07,06

South Hill Park Art Centre, Fresh Festival, 07,06 (Artist In Residence)

'Falling', Three Mill Studio (Final Project of School of Physical Theatre)

'Dream of Butterfly', C.S.S.D Embassy New Studio (Final Project of the c.s.s.d), 05,03

'Voyage to the mindland', C.S.S.D bank site 2 (Practical research project in C.S.S.D) 03,03

'The hen out of the yard' , Mindelae, Seoul, 07,02

'The birds crosses the cross board' in Saejong University ,07,99

'Our Town' by Thorntorn Wilder, in Seonkyunkwan University,12.97

'Non Titled', in Theater Laboratory, 05. 92

'ShimbongSha ......' in an Army Production,02.95

'Children's Play 'Chindale and Chulchuk',for the Storytelling association,05,94

'The School of clown', in Hankuk University of foreign studies,05.88

Apart from above non Professional directing experiences, there are many small Productions
from the classes like Non-verbal Theatre Practice.

3-3. Teaching at Universities as a Lecturer

Special Lecture for dramatherapy Sook Myung Uni. 2005

 Lectured for Acting Class 

    Starting with acting
    Body and voice
    Voice and Speech                 Yong In University 1997-1998
    Traditional Marshal art
    Acting for the director
    Acting                           Sejong University 1998-2000

 Lectured for Theatre Practice and  Theatre Theories
    Understanding Drama
    Understanding Performance Arts
    Theatre Practice for non-verbal Theatre
    Theatre Practice for non- realistic Theatre
    The korean traditional Puppet Theatre practice     Chung Ang University 1997-2001
    Play Production Practice
    Understanding Musical                        Seong Kyun Kwan University 1997-1999

3-4. Facilitated Workshop

Real Encounter through the Archetype of Korean Shamanic performance,
Song of the Goat Theatre, 04- 06 , 2006, Poland

Creative derining Theatre workshop, Michco theatre. 12.2005 ~ 01.2006

Voice workshop for actors and Pansori singers at Michoo Theatre company, 2005, Seoul

Voice workshop for the student in c.s.s.d., 2002, London

Voice workshop for professional actors for 6 months intensive 2001, Seoul

Voice workshop for drama student for a week intensive in Sang Myung Uni. 2001, Seoul

  4. Clinical experience- dramatherapy and psychodrama

December,2005 ~ January.2006 Dramatherapy workshop for therapist, Seoul

August- September, Dramatherapy Workshop for therapists and drama teachers, Seoul
July, 2005, Workshop with the subject 'violence against women', Yorkshire women theatre in Leeds
April 2005, Dramatherapy workshop for Artstherapist
April, 2005, Dramatherapy workshop for social workers - PTSD dramatherapy
April, 2005, Dramatherapy workshop for dramatherapists , Seoul- Encounter

February-March 2005, Phonix Project PTSD Dramatherapy for children in SriLanka

Since 10,2002 running drama workshop for the people with learning disabilities at
"Kith and Kids" in London.

August 2002, Dramatherapy workshop for counselor at Family therapy Institute

2001-2002 , 6 months in the daycentre of people with Learning Disabilities running
three groups of profound, multiple learning disabilities and one to one session. ( placement)

From July 2000 till June 2001- Stars chair Art therapy Centre- Staff of the day
centre running dramatherapy session.

From January till February 1994- directed psychodramas in Korean Youth Counseling Institute
From October till December 1994- Auxiliary Ego in Anyang Juvenile Training School
From August 1992 till March 1993 - Auxiliary Ego in Unpyong Municipal Mental Hospital
and private dramatherapy practice

  5. Translating and coordinating

5-1. Translator for the voice lecturer
1995-2001 Translator for the visiting Professor of Voice Class (english) in Korean National University of Arts

5-2. Translator for the Theatre production
1994, Translator for Theatre Productions 'Macbeth' for the director Babizki, 1994
1991, 'Shadow of the time' for the director Manuel Ludgenhorst
1991, 'Columbus …' , Bread and Puppet Theater in the international theatre festival in Seoul, 1991
1988, 'Nostoi' for the director Michlos Jancho and the staff, 1988 e.t.c.
1988, Coordinating an exhibition 'Deutsches Haus' (for a german company, 1988: german)
1991, Coordinating Theatrefestivals such as Asian pacific Theatre festival ( 1991, Seoul)

among others

  6. Publishing

6-1. Book

2004 "Handbook of the voice training Practice for the actors", Jenee: Seoul

2002 translation of "Remedial Drama" by Sue Jennings, Hakjisa: Seoul

2001 translation of "Dancing at Lughnasa" by Brian Friel , Jenee: Seoul

6-2. Articles

         2005-2, "The present situation and future vision of dramatherapy", Moonhaksun, Seoul
         May 2005 , "Healing the soul on the stage" , interviewed by HyoWon, Lee, Culture and Arts, Art Council Korea
1999 "the memory of Cicely Berry Voice Work Shop", Monthly Drama: Seoul
1999 "Do drama cure people?" - 'Chang' graduate School Magazin of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies : Seoul
1994 "A Study of dramatherapeutic Aspects in the Korean shamanic Ritual'
       - won the grand prize at the essay competition of the Chung Ang University
1992 "A Dramatherapy Study 2" - Yeunkoo Ronjip10
1991 "A dramatherapy Study" - Yeonkoo Ronjip9