A Dream of Butterfly
Inspirations and ideas
An Object Theatre Live Art
                                                               Object communicates with its own character itself. 
                                                               The ¡®dramatic projection¡¯.. 
                                                               Transferring one¡¯s internal world (subjective) 
                                                               onto the external object ( objective)¡¦ 
                                                               Sometimes appears as rhythmic pattern as a visual or physical.
                                                               This is a poetic expression of the object dealing
                                                               with memory of the senses
     The paper that came from nature resembles human life¡¦ 
     Thanks to the fast moving development of civilization, 
     Our daily life gets faster and faster, 
     Get less and less shocked with those shocking news covering newspapers 
     which we will forget tomorrow for other shocking ones¡¦ 
     Inspired by the famous Chinese story of Chan Zu, ¡®Dream of Butterfly¡¯ and research 
     About the ¡®memory return¡¯ just before death¡¦ 
     This performance is exploring the liminal space between life and death, illusion and reality 
     With a very personal but also social associations. 
     With the main object, paper that resembles human life cycle, this show will shake you, 
     Questioning ¡°Are you there?¡± beyond the aesthetic beauty 

     and mythical philosophy of the East.